Provided you have undergone an approved LOBO Work Platform training course and
meet the expected level of competency, virtually anyone can assemble a LOBO System.

Benefits of LOBO

Benefits of the LOBO System compared to tube and clamp scaffolding include:

  • We provide an approved training course
  • You don’t need to be a qualified scaffolder
  • Easy assembly
  • No tools required
  • Lightweight & strong
  • Attractive & stylish (no rust)
  • Flat packs for easy storage and transportation

Benefits of the LOBO System compared to aluminium tower systems include:

  • It can be adjusted in width, length and height (unlike fixed towers)
  • Additional components can be added to increase platform height and footprint
  • Flexible frames
  • Steel welded for strength
  • Sway Braces which can be fitted anywhere to ensure no movement
  • Trestle Legs and Loboards can span any obstacle

Benefits of the LOBO System compared to frame based systems and traditional builder’s trestles include:

  • Handrails can be fitted at any height, so never exposed to a risk of fall
  • The Loboard or deck board can be locked down in place
  • Outriggers can be fitted to stabilise the LOBO System
  • Wall Mounts can be used to anchor the LOBO System to a wall
  • Uses standard scaffolding size tubing that allows integration with other systems
  • Most aluminium tower boards will fit the LOBO System
  • Toe Boards can be fitted anywhere to the LOBO System
  • Wheels/castors can be fitted to any LOBO System

Our trusted clients

The LOBO equipment has been a great addition to aiding completion of tasks on our aircraft.
One task, can only be worked from the LOBO platform and has saved us from cancelling flights on our A380 fleet.

British Airways Aviation Maintenance February 23, 2019

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LOBO can reduce your costs
and increase your safety

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