Instructions for the LOBO System are available as PDF documents which can be viewed or saved for later use.

These can be found under the ‘LOBO Documentation’ section of the ‘Resources’ tab.

To view and print these pages you will need Adobe Reader installed on your system.

If you do not have this, you can install it from the adobe website here:

For your safety please always remember the following:

  • Always read the instructions before assembly.
  • Always ensure your system is safe and secure before using it.
  • Always ensure all Clamps and Loband Couplers are fully tightened and secure before use.
  • Check regularly for wear and tear.
  • Replace all damaged components before use.
  • Do not misuse, alter or modify the product.

Always wear suitable protective equipment whilst using the system. This includes gloves, safety boots and hard hats.

Important: LOBO Systems always recommend training from a LOBO authorised trainer.