Terms and Conditions for Online Training



Any training product or service offered by LOBO Systems Ltd will be conducted, without exception, in accordance with these terms and conditions and any booking will be considered as an acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any disagreement with these terms and conditions should be addressed with LOBO in writing. These terms and conditions are broken down into general terms and conditions, onsite training and online training. LOBO reserves the right to amend or vary these conditions of business on giving seven days’ notice thereof in writing

For online training we require a written agreement to the terms and conditions, this can be done by confirming in an email, signing these terms and conditions and returning to us either a scanned copy or in the post.


Section 1
General terms and conditions


– Definitions
The term LOBO means LOBO Systems Ltd, their agent or representative. Customer means the organisation booking and/or paying for the services. Delegate means a person attending the training course, assessment or seminar.

Zoom could mean any online conferencing software e.g. Joinme.com, Skype or any other program deemed suitable by LOBO.

– Order
Customer may order in response to LOBO’s written quotations, which shall be valid until the expiry date of the quotation.

An order constitutes a commitment by the Customer to purchase the goods subject to these terms. Each order constitutes the basis of a separate contract.
No order shall be acted upon unless given by the Customer in writing together with the Customer’s official order number, with a copy of the customers purchase order.

– Notification of Delegates
The number of delegates must be given at the time of booking and confirmed in writing. This number cannot be increased by the client without the approval of LOBO. Only delegates from the customers organisation are allowed to attend the training and places on any course must not be given or sold to any other organisation without the written agreement of LOBO.

– Cancellations
All confirmed bookings that are cancelled by the client will carry a 10% cancellation fee (minimum £25)  to cover administration costs and if the training is cancelled within the below timescales then the following fees will apply:

Within 2 days of the course commencement = 30% of the full fee.
Within 24 hours of the course commencement = 100% of the full fee.

If LOBO is notified of a cancellation within the cancellation period(s) shown above, it will be at the discretion of LOBO whether the training course or seminar can be reallocated, although LOBO will endeavour to accommodate a request for an alternative date. The original booking will remain subject to the standard cancellation rules set out above.

– Prices & Payment
The price of the service shall be as set out in LOBO’s written quotation provided prior to placement of order. Prices and all other sums payable hereunder shall be exclusive of Value Added Tax and all taxes or duties that may be levied or based upon the prices. Value Added Tax and all such taxes or duties (with the exception of any tax levied or based upon the income of LOBO) shall be paid by the Customer as additional charges hereunder.

LOBO requires cleared funds or credit card details with orders unless the customer has a credit account with LOBO.

For Customers with accounts LOBO shall on or after delivery of the goods invoice the Customer for goods supplied and each invoice shall give details of the goods in question and quote the purchase order number.

Account Customers shall pay for services delivered within 30 days of invoice date. LOBO reserves the right to withdraw an Account Customer’s credit facility at any time.

LOBO may charge the Customer interest at the rate of 8% per annum above the then current base rate for any overdue payments.

– Equipment & Belongings
LOBO will not accept liability for loss or damage to any equipment or other belongings, however caused. Delegates are responsible for the safekeeping and appropriate use of items loaned to them. Damage or loss of such items will be charged to the customer.

– Health & Safety
LOBO will take reasonable steps in relation to the health and safety of LOBO staff and delegates; however, the responsibility for customer health and safety issues remains with the customer throughout.

– Confidentiality.
The client and delegates will keep secure and not disclose any information of a confidential nature obtained by reason of the training received except information which is already in the public domain. The provisions of this section shall apply during the continuance of this agreement and indefinitely thereafter.

– Right to Dismiss
LOBO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to exclude any delegate from the training course or seminar on the grounds of misconduct or upon failure of any mandatory section of the course.

– Force Majeure
The provision of training may be totally or partially suspended by LOBO to the extent that delivery is prevented through any circumstances beyond its control.

– Copyright
LOBO retains its intellectual property rights in all of its materials, documents and/or software, none of which may be reproduced, modified, amended, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, otherwise than for the purpose specified by LOBO. The material described above remains with LOBO and may not be used by the customer, delegate or other party for training purposes. If LOBO becomes aware of such use, then legal action will be taken to stop such activity and to seek compensation.

– Variation
No variation of these terms will be valid unless evidenced in writing and signed by a duly authorised representative of LOBO.

– Responsibility
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a LOBO System is not erected or used by staff that have not successfully completed the LOBO certified training course.

– Privacy Policy
At LOBO Systems your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and as such we operate the following policy. We keep your data completely secure in the Microsoft assure system and we do not share your personal data with 3rd parties, and only use it under lawful basis for the process of personal data. You can contact us at any point to remove or restrict the processing of your personal data.

Our full privacy policy is available on our website www.lobosystems.com/privacy-policy/ or by request.

Section 2
Online Training


  • LOBO shall conduct online training utilising “Zoom conferencing online”.
  • The Customer should inspect their LOBO System parts for any damage and that all of the parts are present and test any moving parts in the LOBO System to ensure they are in full working order, prior to the training beginning.
  • LOBO online training does not allow for more than 8 delegates on any one training course at a time. This ensures that everyone gets the correct level of attention required to learn to safely use the LOBO System, unless otherwise stated before the training session begins.
  • LOBO suggests that a test of any technical equipment to be used by the customer, be conducted prior to the scheduled training session to ensure a prompt start time. Technical issues can arise and a session may get interrupted, this could be loss of the internet connection either at LOBO or the customer site. Attempts will be made to reconnect as soon as possible, if this is not achievable LOBO will attempt to reschedule the training session for another appropriate time.
  • LOBO will send all required training documentation via email no later than 2 days in advance of the scheduled training, except where emergency training is required, we will endeavour to get these materials to you at least a day before the scheduled training.
  • LOBO and its representatives will end the training session if it is deemed unsafe continue.

A training session will be considered unsafe if;

  1. There is insufficient space to safely erect the LOBO System
  2. A near miss happens
  3. Any or all of the delegates are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  4. Safety instructions are not followed
  5. Delegates not giving full attention
  6. The delegates are deemed to be acting in an inappropriate manner and not listening to instructions

This list is not an exhaustive list and as such, should the LOBO trainer feel that his or anyone else’s safety is at risk or could potentially be at risk for any reason deemed appropriate by the LOBO trainer, the customers training session will be suspended or terminated immediately, and LOBO will charge the customer for the cancelled training course.

  • The customer must appoint a session manager and inform LOBO who the session manager will be, when returning the signed copy of these terms and conditions.
  • The customer’s appointed session manager must conduct the LOBO test under exam conditions.
  • The customer is expected to ensure that all the delegates have appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) supplied and worn by the delegates.
  • The customer is to ensure that there is enough safe space to conduct the LOBO practical training.
  • The customer’s session manager will take full responsibility for all health and safety aspects of the training session, they will always follow the instructions of the trainer to ensure safety while using the LOBO System.
  • The customer’s session manager will take full responsibility for any and all injuries suffered as a result of the customer’s delegates failing to follow safety instructions or due to failure to complete all safety checks as instructed by the trainer.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the session manager to ensure that the LOBO test is completed in the allotted time and that no “cheating” has taken place.
  • The session manager will sign all front sheets of the LOBO test as verification that the test has been completed under exam conditions and in the allotted time.
  • The session manager will ensure that the LOBO test is retuned to LOBO within 24 hours of completion of the LOBO test. Failure to return the exam within 24 hours will result in LOBO rejecting the papers and requesting that the LOBO test be completed again. If returning to LOBO by post it must be sent next day delivery and an email confirming it has been sent must be sent to LOBO to confirm that the LOBO test has been sent within the 24 hour time period.

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