LOBO Military

The LOBO Observation Post System has many military applications.

The maintenance of proper force protection in today’s military is essential with observation posts being critical in the coordination between quick reactionary forces, external patrols and providing intelligence reports to the tactical operations centre.

Portable Observation TowerEasily camouflaged for border surveillance or counter terrorist use, the LOBO Observation Post System quickly assembles to any size or height to suit. The modular steel construction offers a rugged yet truly versatile product that builds without the need of any tools.

LOBO Portable Lookout Post

The steel components provide exceptional strength and this broadens the applications wider, as there are manu configurations possible from the same set of LOBO Systems components.
Due to the incredible versatility, each build can be different which means each application can be customised and is limited only by the soldiers’ imaginations.

Castor wheels are available to increase mobility and the LOBO access system flat packs for easy transportation and creates a small footprint for storage. This is particularly important where storage facilities are limited.

As it is a portable product and takes only minutes to assemble and reassemble, fast deployment or reconfiguration is easily achievable. No tools are required. Soldiers have increased visibility of the surrounding area and can see anything that is happening that may interfere with the operations of the base or a patrol.

The LOBO Observation Post as shown has a 15 minute build time and is part of a complete work platform system manufactured by LOBO.

LOBO Advanced Platform System has many diverse uses, as an access maintenance product, a stage or a workbench.

LOBO Observation Post

An integrated  LOBO Lifting Beam can be added together with a LOBO Vice Attachment, and different sized tubes and Loboards to achieve almost any configuration.

"Scaffolding for Non Scaffolders"


LOBO Integrated Logistics System : ILS

LOBO ILS is the advanced field maintenance support system, which provides workplace and safe work at height capabilities with significant features and benefits. LOBO ILS provides lifetime support for LOBO Systems products.

The versatile, advanced, no tools to assemble system features unparalleled flexibility and compact storage for transportation purposes.
The LOBO System is an industrial strength, lightweight work platform system that truly offers a flexible and safe working environment.
Manufacturing to the very highest specifications using certified materials ensures quality and reliability for long lifetime deployment.

Defence contractors can now offer complete field maintenance capability along side equipment support programs by adding value to defence support contracts with LOBO ILS.

Customer Sample

US Department of Defence, US Navy, RAF Menwith Hill, BAE Systems,



UK: BS 1139 Part 3 and BS 1139 Part 4.

Europe:  BS EN1004:2004.

USA: OSHA, ANSI A10.8, Scaffolding 1926.451, 29 CFR 1920 General Industry.

Australia: AS/NZS 1576.1:2010 and AS/NZS 1576.3:2015 Tower

Canada: CAN/CSA Z797-09

General: The LOBO System has been deemed suitable for the intended use by Zurich Engineering in 2009.