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Software Productivity Tool

LOBO has released a fully functional and free version of its new visualisation & configuration tool.
You will be able to create simple or complex LOBO configurations using Microsoft Visio.The product is targeted at maintenance, process and engineering personnel, to enable accurate presentations and visualisations to be created.Users will be able to custom design millions of different configurations quickly and easily using only a basic knowledge of Visio.The use of this tool will reduce the design time and completely eradicate the costly trial and error approach.Each LOBO component has been modelled in Visio as a stencil for easy use.
Stencils are grouped into shapes. All you need is a Microsoft Visio license.

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Accessories – Tool Tray, Vice Attachment, Fall Arrest Gate and Spare Parts
Code Of Safe Practice – Guidelines for Safe Build and Use
LOBO Configurator – A Simple Way To Design Your LOBO System
Dos And Dont’s – The Nitty Gritty When Building Your System
Building On A Escalator ? – See How Easy It Is With LOBO
LOBO Method Statement – A Suggested Template For Your LOBO System
Handrails And Toe Boards – Fit At Any Height & Prevent Drop Offs
Lifting Slider Beam Integration – How To Attach A Lifting Beam To Your Tower
Lifting Slider Beam Frame – How To Build A Free Standing Lifting Frame
Outriggers And Gate – How To Increase Your Footprint And Not Fall Off !
Platform And Wheel Kits – A Simple Trestle & How To Add Wheels To It
Platform Safety Checks & Maintenance – What To Check And How Often To Do It
Adjustable Sway Brace And Loband – How To Fit To Your Tower
LOBO Tool Tray – Shelf Attachment for Storing Tools
TOWERSTORE Packing – Instructions On How To Load The TOWERSTORE
Tower And Extensions – How To Build A LOBO Tower
Useful Dimensions – Trestle Leg & Extension Load Bearing Lift Points
LOBO Risk Assessment – A Suggested Template For The Work Area

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