Why not quickly and easily design your LOBO System using our software productivity tool with Microsoft Visio?

LOBO has released a fully functional and free download version of its new visualisation & configuration tool.
Each LOBO component has been modelled in Visio as a stencil for easy use.
Using our Visio based component stencils you can now create your own LOBO illustrations and when complete, 
email them back to us for a free evaluation and safety check.

You will be able to create simple or complex LOBO Systems' isometric configurations to solve many of your 
work at height access issues, all from the convenience of your desktop.
The software enables maintenance, process, and engineering personnel, to design accurate presentations and visualisations.

Once the design has been checked and approved, it can be printed and together with a risk assessment 
can become part of your management process to increase site safety.
You will be able to custom design as many different configurations as you choose, quickly 
and easily using only a basic knowledge of Visio.

The use of this tool will reduce the design time and completely eradicates the costly trial and error approach.
Included with the download are templates and examples to get you on your way.
All you need is a Microsoft Visio license, and for your free copy of the LOBO Visio files
email  loboconfigurator@lobosystems.com

Call us if you need any more information on +44 (0) 1332 365666 | USA 800-640-5492


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