Exclusive Interview with Rob Bokros, CEO of LOBO Systems

Rob Bokros, the CEO of LOBO Systems, invented LOBO 25+ years ago from a small office in Derby, UK. He has kindly agreed to answer a few questions of ours regarding the system and how it all works.

What is the LOBO System?

The LOBO System is an advanced work platform system that you can assemble without needing tools. It sits between traditional tube and clamp scaffolding and aluminum towers; however, our system is much more versatile and easier to use.

How does the LOBO System work?

Using the patented clamps, the system can be reconfigured time after time to any shape or size you wish. In addition, the telescopic legs and our adjustable extensions ensure the system can be fitted anywhere, including awkward access areas, staircases, or inside vessels.

Who is already using the system?

The LOBO System is currently being used globally by many different industry sectors. To name a few; Manufacturing plants, Automotive Distribution centres, Transport, Food & Beverage facilities, Aerospace, Military, etc.

Is it difficult to store the system?

No, the system can be flat-packed, making it very easy to move around and transport. We also have our LOBO Towerstores. These units store the kit in a lockable container either horizontally or vertically, depending on the location. These can also be moved around the site via their forklift truck access points.

Are there any safety concerns with LOBO?

LOBO complies with all safety regulations across the globe to be compliant. From a safety point of view, we have created a training course that fully certifies each delegate to erect, inspect and use the kit whilst built. Our goal is to increase on-site safety through our training program.

What is the best benefit LOBO has?

The main benefit to LOBO is that it’s cost-saving: LOBO is up to 10 x faster to assemble than any other product, reducing the reliance on outsourced contractors.

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