LOBO Systems’ unique work platform system can be adjusted to fit awkward and restricted areas.

Access problems on terraced or tiered seats found in lecture theatres and cinemas are now easily solved using the LOBO System. The product can be assembled on different levels and reach over the seats to create a level work platform.

The handrails can be added at any time to prevent falls and the ladder is secured using LOBO Ladder Clamps. A configuration like this can be assembled in minutes and once erected, it can be scaled to reach most ceiling heights. The LOBO System is a quick to assemble scaffold product which can be configured to any shape or size without the use of any tools.

The unique and patented hand adjustable Loband Clamp, when combined with Tubes, allows the technician or engineer to create a safe and stable work platform.

The LOBO System is made from modular steel pieces; it is easy to transport, easy to assemble and yet incredibly strong. The system is mainly used by maintenance engineers and cleaning personnel, meaning that outsourced scaffolding costs can be substantially reduced.