LOBO has released a fully functional and free version of its new visualisation & configuration product.

LOBO Configurator ® will allow the user to create simple or complex LOBO configurations using Microsoft Visio.

The product is targeted at maintenance, process and engineering personnel, to enable accurate representations and visualisations to be created.

Users will be able to create millions of different bespoke configurations quickly and easily using only a basic knowledge of Visio. The use of LOBO Configurator ® will reduce design times and completely eradicate the costly trial and error approach.

Each LOBO component has been modelled in Visio as a stencil for easy use. The latest version can automatically generate a parts list or Bill of Materials in Excel.

All you need is Microsoft Visio, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

For your free copy of the LOBO Configurator files email: loboconfigurator@lobosystems.com

Please include your postal address as some emails have file size limitations.

Watch the video and see how it works.