Is the LOBO System scaffolding?

No, LOBO is a light weight, portable work platform system used for industrial maintenance or production.

It does not replace traditional tube and clamp scaffolding on construction sites.

What is the LOBO System made from?

All Legs, Extensions and Tubes are made from steel. Loboards are made up of an aluminium box section support with a birch plywood board, finished with a black non-slip surface. The birch plywood board can be substituted for an metallic aluminium diamond plate surface.

Can the LOBO System be used to tie off for fall arrest or harness attachment purposes?

No, the system is not designed to be used for harnesses or other fall arrest connections.

If two tubes are clamped together using the Loband, are they now load bearing?

Only if lower tube is supported in fixed clamps and the upper tube is at right angles to the lower tube.

What is the safe working load of the Trestle Legs and Loboards?

The safe working load is 250kg / 550lbs per Trestle Leg or 300Kg / 660lbs for Loboards.

At what height should I use handrails?

At any height where there is a risk of injury due to a fall.

When should I use Toe Boards?

At any height.

What is the surface finish on a Lobo component?

It is zinc electroplate with an olive passivation.

Can the lacquer finish fade or even scratch off?

Yes, the olive passivation may fade, but the zinc electroplate is electrically bonded to the steel surface.

What can be done if fading or scratching occurs?

The condition of the olive passivation has no effect on the overall system performance.

Are Sway Braces load bearing?

No, they are only used to make the structure rigid.

Need I tighten the L Bolt with a tool?

No, under normal conditions the strength of a hand is enough.

Is the LOBO System likely to be a target for thieves overnight?

No. As the structure can be dismantled and assembled in minutes, it can be packed away safely overnight.

Can the L Bolts come loose?

No, they are retained and under normal conditions will not become detached from the Trestle Leg.

When should I use Outriggers?

Whenever there is movement in a structure and definitely when the structure is over 2 metres/6.5 feet standing height.

Can the LOBO System be made stable on uneven ground?

Yes, by loosening the 2 bolts on one side and adjusting the legs stability can normally be achieved.

Are there any limits to what can be constructed by the LOBO System?

Yes, your imagination.

What is the working Height to Base Ratio which must never be exceeded?

Three times the height to one times the base width.

What regulations does the LOBO System conform to in the USA?

OSHA compliant and ANSI A10.8.

What standard has LOBO Systems certified to?

EN1004 & British Standard 1139 parts 4 and 3.

Can Loboards be configured end to end or side by side?

Yes, either configuration is possible.

Will the LOBO System integrate with existing scaffolding?

Yes, the System will connect to most existing scaffolding systems.

What is the maximum height the LOBO System will adjust to?

8.5 metres / 25 feet.

How do you expand your LOBO System to make it wider?

Insert longer tubes and add another Loboard.

Is the LOBO System free standing?

Yes, but always ensure that it is safe to use by using Outriggers or by bracing it to a wall.

How do I arrange a product demonstration?

Contact us in the UK on 44 (0) 1332 365666 or fax 44 (0) 1332 365661 or contact our USA desk at 800-640-5492. Alternatively, check out our web site: or email us at:

Are all LOBO Systems’ products compatible?

Yes, all products are fully compatible with each other and have been designed to integrate together.

What patents apply?

The LOBO System is patented in most countries.

How do you expand your LOBO System higher?

By using larger Trestle Legs and Extensions.

Apart from access equipment, what are the other known uses of the LOBO System?

Here are some of the uses that we have provided:

  1. Stage/Bandstand
  2. Terracing
  3. Tents
  4. Engine Hoist

Where is the LOBO System best suited?

In any area where maintenance, cleaning or production is performed.

Typically what sort of companies will buy the LOBO System?

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Food and Beverage Production
  3. Utilities
  4. Automotive
  5. Facilities Management
  6. Aviation and Aerospace