The Problem:

The National Trust has many treasured items of national heritage that require maintenance and protection. Housed within stately homes, these priceless objects demand more ingenuity than the average access system can provide. Traditional scaffolding is too heavy and cumbersome, while aluminium towers are not always versatile or clean enough. The unique & patented LOBO clamp

The Solution:

LOBO Systems’ safe and secure quality platform product. The unique and patented clamp allows the system to be assembled without the use of tools into any size or shape. This allows National Trust employees to gain safe access in a clean environment to awkward areas for maintenance or cleaning purposes. With its modular approach, the LOBO System can be assembled, with care, around the treasured items.

The Benefits:

The clean to use LOBO System provides safety without compromising versatility. The National Trust now has access to previously inaccessible areas, using their own staff. This brings cost reduction, enhanced efficiency & performance as maintenance personnel can build their own platforms at any time. The LOBO System creates a safe working environment, which increases productivity and maximizes the return on investment.