Aviation & Aerospace

Aviation & Aerospace research and development requires that engineers have safe access to all areas of an aircraft or spacecraft.

NASA needs to ensure a safe working environment as a top priority an keep within safety regulations. Existing aviation staging is not versatile as it’s a fixed structure and therefore does not adjust from one aircraft to the next.

NASA has purchased LOBO Systems products over a 12 year period and they are all for different applications.

The first order to NASA was at Edwards Air Force Base California. The Crew Chief at NASA, first contacted LOBO having found the web site from an Internet search He says, “I was more or less convinced the LOBO System was right for our X34 project, having looked at the web site, but it was great when the Managing Director, Robert Bokros, came over and presented the equipment. I bought the system because it is extremely flexible, durable and satisfies all our maintenance and safety access needs on this project.

I am sure NASA and other organisations on the base will be buying more.” The NASA Centre at this location uses the LOBO System in a variety of programs and work centres, used in the Jet Engine on a daily basis. The X-34, X-43, F18 and F-15 test aircraft are a few of the programs that use these versatile work platforms.

NASA’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston Texas purchased LOBO to provide a safe working platform over a tooling machine. “The tooling machine required maintenance with safety being top of the agenda, LOBO’s versatile modular design meant the system could be reconfigured and used all over the facility”.  NASA’s Ames Research Centre has purchased a LOBO System to specifically configure access around its Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explored (LADEE) project. This project is to help it learn more about the atmosphere on the surface of the moon and with just a few adjustments, NASA can use the one system for a range of different space exploration craft.

A spokesman for NASA at Ames said: “We knew we needed a flexible system since we are going to be using the scaffolding for a variety of spacecraft in several different facilities. The LOBO system gives us the flexibility to adapt to these different situations whilst still being easy to assemble/disassemble and transport. We are very satisfied with it and the support provided by the company.”

NASA Stennis Space Centre

Rolls-Royce Outdoor Test Facility located in Mississippi, USA.

“LOBO has proven to deliver on all commitments made throughout the procurement process. The Customer support, including delivery, set-up and training was carried out in such a manor that all expectations were exceeded. In addition we have enjoyed a level of follow-up support once receiving the equipment that could set the standard for customer service. The LOBO System has proven to be extremely versatile and has permitted safe access to many situations and configurations that previously we could not achieve with existing hardware. The LOBO System continues to show itself, easy to set-up, re-configure and store with ease. I would recommend having the certified LOBO Systems representative demonstrate and carry out training for all team members that would be identified to utilize the system in order fully appreciate and understand the benefits that can safely be anticipated from LOBO Systems.”

Although the NASA applications are all different it highlights the versatility and flexibility of the LOBO System.

All four NASA locations and indeed all LOBO customers require a product that is easy to use, requires no tools to assemble and yet flexible enough to be multipurpose.