Centrica’s operating and maintenance costs at Lincs Wind Farm, associated with engineered turbines in offshore conditions, are high and maintenance is required to the internal monitoring and control systems on a regular basis.

Internal areas are awkward to access and scaffolding is required to create a safe working environment for routine repairs and inspections. The cost to provide off shore safety and survival courses to the scaffolding company is significant. External scaffolders need to trained to be off shore rated.

“At Centrica we operate multiple offshore wind farms, safety and production are two key priorities of our daily operation and maintenance activities.

The business had a problem with a particular fault which would affect production until we could source a contractor to build a large scaffolding area so a motor could be replaced in a difficult access area.

It was obvious we could improve the response to this fault by sourcing an access solution that would be both safe and dynamic enough to be used in an offshore environment.

LOBO Systems offered Centrica a solution that fulfilled our criteria and we were able to work together on a design that would give technicians safe access to a difficult access area. The equipment proved successful and we were able to return one of our turbines to full production without using an external contractor. This was achieved safely and greatly reduced our loss of production on the turbine leading to a reduction of costs.”

The LOBO System can be configured into any shape or size and has many maintenance and safety related applications.

Your own production and maintenance team can assemble the system quickly, and safely around, under or above boats, machinery, aircraft, conveyors and specifically in restricted areas, without the use of tools, to create a safe working environment and edge protection system.

Scaffolding labour costs can be reduced without compromising safety and costs can be significantly reduced and essential maintenance downtimes are kept to a minimum.

Product Benefits

a) The LOBO System is scalable, adaptable and adjustable to meet your ongoing and changing requirements. Simply add more components or alter your existing configuration to satisfy the demands of the next task.

You can now protect your initial investment with a product that will meet all your access needs safely.

b) The LOBO System is a rigid and stable product, which meets or exceeds current safety regulations. Handrails can be fitted in seconds, at any point in the erection process.

c) The LOBO System’s steel structure ensures many years of product life and a system that will not shake or rattle. The system also includes anti-sway braces and outriggers for totally rigidity on taller platforms.

d) The LOBO System’s modular approach means components fully integrate and can be hand carried.