Gulfstream maintains the largest company-owned product support network in business aviation, and at the UK based product support service centre, inspection, maintenance and overhaul of any model of the Gulfstream range is available.

The Problem:

Gulfstream technicians require a safe and quick, easy to use staging platform to gain access to all maintenance points on the fuselage.

The system needs to be mobile and capable of adapting to the different aircraft within the Gulfstream family of aircraft and the Gulfstream rapid response capabilities include deploying Field and Airborne Support Teams.

The Solution:

LOBO Systems’ safe and secure platform staging product. The unique and patented clamp allows the system to be assembled without the use of tools into any size or shape.

Technicians can reconfigure the system, adapting it from one area to another with ease. By fitting wheel kits, the system can be transported throughout the facility.

The system can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled quickly. As LOBO is portable, and easy to flat pack therefore transportable rapid response capabilities are optimised.

The Benefits:

The unique versatility of the LOBO Advanced Staging System brings reduced cost, enhanced efficiency and performance. LOBO’s flat pack transportability feature means it can be used anywhere in the world and assembled by anyone. This means aviation technicians can erect the system to their exact requirements, saving on labour costs.

The LOBO Advanced Staging System creates a safe working environment, which increases productivity and maximizes the return on investment.