The Problem

General Motors has to implement a multipurpose scaffolding work platform system that must meet OSHA and GM’s AUW strict safety regulations.

Traditional scaffolding is too heavy and cumbersome, while aluminium towers do not always meet their safety rules.

The Solution

LOBO Systems’ safe and secure platform product. The unique and patented Clamp allows the system to be assembled with out the use of tools into any size or shape. This allows GM maintenance crews to attach a guardrail at any point on the system. This means personnel are not exposed to the risk of a fall during assembly, thereby meeting the safety rules.

The Benefits

Attaching a guardrail from a lower level, before it is needed, ensures a safe system is built. This unique versatility of the LOBO System brings a safe working procedure to GM’s AUW, which not only meets OSHA requirements, but also meets GM’s tough safety policy. The use of a body harness can now also be revisited and under certain conditions relaxed completely.

The LOBO System also brings cost reduction, enhanced efficiency & performance as maintenance crews can build their own platforms at any time.

The LOBO System creates a safe working environment, which increases productivity and maximizes the return on investment.