The LOBO System has reduced the cost of outsourced scaffolding for many beverage brands. LOBO Systems has provided solutions to Anheuser-Busch, Heineken, Miller Coors, Diageo and William Grant.

Scaffolding services to these international companies are traditionally provided by outsourced companies.

There are specific tasks that have to be completed every 3 months as a routine maintenance operation. This costs the plant management at Miller Coors around $98,000 per year and the managers are tasked with reducing these costs to ensure overall plant efficiency and to remain competitive.

Safety cannot be compromised at any price and they have an excellent safety record. Following an on site demonstration, which provided confidence that the LOBO System would work, Miller Coors has opted to spend approximately $15,000 on a LOBO System. This was a one off cost and included full product training for the maintenance crews. “The LOBO System paid for itself the first time we used it” Miller Coors Brewery managers expect to save significant costs by using the innovative LOBO product. Also. they do not have to rely on outsourced scaffolding companies as their own maintenance personnel can assemble the LOBO System. The unique versatility of the LOBO System brings labour cost reduction, enhanced efficiency & enhanced performance.

The LOBO System creates a safe working environment, which increases productivity and maximizes the return on investment. It can be assembled quickly, easily and safely around, under or above machinery or any other obstacle – by your own in-house maintenance crews. This means out-sourced scaffolding labour costs can be reduced without comprising safety. Areas, previously considered difficult to get to can now be accessed with ease for maintenance and cleaning purposes. In addition, LOBO is available 24/7 and so puts you in control of what and when you schedule your maintenance tasks.

The LOBO Systems’ multipurpose versatility means it can be applied to many other maintenance tasks around the plant.