The LOBO Advanced Platform System has many positive benefits over traditional tube and clamp scaffolding, aluminium tower systems and other trestle or frame-based systems.

Benefits of the LOBO System compared to tube and clamp scaffolding include:

    • You do not need to be a scaffolder to use the LOBO System. Provided you have undergone an approved LOBO work platform training course and meet the expected level of competency, virtually anyone can assemble a LOBO System.
    • The LOBO System is lightweight yet remarkably strong as it is made from steel, and fits into awkward and restricted areas.
    • Cosmetically, the LOBO System’s good looks allow it to be used where rusty and cumbersome scaffolding tubes and deck boards may be unhygienic or cause offence visually.
    • The LOBO System has a no tools assembly feature. Spanners, hammers and wrenches are not required and it is therefore quick and simple to construct.
    • The LOBO System flat packs away conveniently for transportation purposes and can therefore be moved around a building or in a lift/elevator or vehicle with ease.

Benefits of the LOBO System compared to Aluminium Tower Systems include:

    • Aluminium Towers have fixed dimensions and can only be height adjusted.
    • The LOBO System can be adjusted in width, length and height, by simply adding more components or using different size Loboards.
    • Aluminium Tower Systems are fixed frames that cannot be packed away for transportation as easily as LOBO Systems’ components.
    • Aluminium welds can crack with fatigue due to constant use. LOBO Systems’ components are steel welded and very strong.
    • Aluminium Tower Systems are often difficult to construct rigidly. The LOBO System has telescopic Sway Braces which can be fitted anywhere to ensure no movement.
    • Aluminium Tower Systems cannot easily be used to span obstacles, for example, machines, aircraft, vehicles or office furniture. The LOBO System is based on Trestle Legs, which can be placed each side and a Loboard fitted across the top to span the obstacle.

Benefits of the LOBO System compared to frame based systems and traditional builder’s trestles include:

    • The LOBO System can be fitted with handrails at any height and can be made secure. The Loboard or deck board can be locked down in place.
    • Lower cost frame based systems do not have stabilisers and can therefore fall over. The LOBO System can be fitted with Outriggers to stabilise the system and Wall Mounts can be used to anchor the system to a wall.
    • Some frame-based systems use smaller size tubing. The LOBO System uses standard scaffolding size tubing that allows integration with other systems. For example, most aluminium tower boards will fit the LOBO System.
    • Toe Boards cannot normally be fitted to these systems. Toe Boards can be fitted anywhere to the LOBO System.
    • Wheels/castors are not normally fitted to these systems. Wheels/castors can be fitted to any LOBO System.