Daily Mail order for LOBO Systems



The Lobo System is a re-configurable work platform product
that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the
simplicity and mobility of tower systems. This combination provides a versatile
access system that has applications right across Facilities Management and


Office and facilities maintenance requires regular access to
elevated areas, which are awkward and therefore difficult to reach.  Each
task being different from the last. Working at height must be accomplished
safely and, traditionally, outsourced scaffolding companies and fixed aluminium
tower systems have been deployed. Outsourced scaffolding labor is expensive and
not available 24 x 7, aluminium frame systems are cumbersome, inflexible,
difficult to transport and will not adjust to fit into awkward areas.


The LOBO System can be assembled quickly, easily and safely
around, above desks or restricted access areas – by your own in-house
maintenance crew. This means out-sourced scaffolding labor costs can be reduced
without comprising safety. Areas, previously considered difficult to get to can
now be accessed with ease for maintenance and cleaning purposes. In addition, it
is available 24/7 and so puts you in control of what and when you schedule your
maintenance tasks.