Moosehead is Canada’s oldest independent brewery, located in Saint John, New Brunswick.

What made you decide to look for an access/scaffold system?

We needed to have a system for internal use and ensure users
were trained.

What was the deciding factors when you had made your
decision to purchase our system?

The flexibility of LOBO equipment and ease of training and

What are your thoughts on the LOBO training?

The training was great

How easy is the LOBO System to use?        

Really easy – got it in a few minutes 

Is LOBO quick to assemble?  

Yes, once you know how.

What are your thoughts on its safety?    

It is great – and it makes jobs safer 

What benefits have you experienced?      

It’s a product people will actually use, once trained.

Would you recommend the LOBO System to other companies?

Yes, I would it’s absolutely a great product.