LOBO Systems puts safety first

The safety is also our first consideration and the LOBO System has been exposed to many safety professionals right across the UK, USA and Canada. It is compliant to BS EN1004:2004 and so meets the necessary regulations.

The LOBO System can be installed by non-scaffolders and contractors due to the design, clearly for very high structures you would continue with existing systems.

The design and the training when combined will mean either you can use contractors or scaffolders, but either way LOBO is quicker to assemble and so costs less. With the savings you could reduce the level of contractors on your plant.

The Valero Energy case study is an example of the cost savings; these are the figures they provided. I have other examples of cost savings with London Underground and Iron Ore Company of Canada and there are many more. Here are a few examples of our customers in the UK and North America, I understand their safety is also a first priority. General Motors, NASA, Ford, Anheuser Busch, Boeing, National Oil Varco, Siemens, Toyota, JLR, Nissan and there are 100’s more.

Valero started 2 years ago and purchased a system, they had the training and started to use the product in areas.

However, as they could then identify the cost savings the system spread into the refinery more and more. They more they used it the more they saved.

As the months progressed the maintenance crews became more and more skilled and confident and so were able to find more applications, and the more applications that were identified, the more cost saving.

Safety was assured as protocols and procedures were updated accordingly
to suit the new way of working and the savings made this possible and worthwhile.

Hopefully this answers some of the initial concerns, any further questions please contact us through our website www.lobosystems.com