General Motors – Wentzville Missouri

LOBO Systems

Thank you for coming to our plant and giving us the training to properly use the LOBO system. About ten years ago we purchased your scaffolding system and found it very useful then. We have used your system in various parts of our plant where aerial lifts aren’t able to access. The different configurations and ease of use, is what makes your system so appealing.

I found that our skilled trades workers like the system because it gets them in places they otherwise could not get to and provides them with a sturdy platform to work from. Our Powerhouse employees use your system all over the place, building it to meet their needs. The cost of your system is another appealing part due the cost of renting traditional scaffolding. I would say we have recovered the cost of your system verses what we would have had to pay to rent scaffolding.

The updated training you gave us further enlightened us to the many uses and new ideas on what can be done with the LOBO system I know we will use the system more often now that you have opened our eyes to the different uses. Your training covered the aspects of the OSHA standard and GM’s policies on guard railing, work platforms and accessing these areas. We have implemented an inspection process now and will be able to further train our employees.

With Safety being the overriding priority within GM, I know your system should be in every GM plant. Because I know without it our workers would be working harder and not smarter. The LOBO system is a smarter way to work at a height when the work cannot be accessed by other means. If I can be of assistance to anyone within GM looking to bring your system into their plant please have them contact me at the information provided below.

Best regards

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UAW Safety

GM Wentzville, Mo