The leading manufacturer and installer of high quality PVC double glazed windows, Safestyle UK, has announced today that it has made an annual saving of half a million pounds by scrapping conventional scaffolding systems.

The Bradford based company is reaping the financial benefits of improved efficiency and significant cost saving benefits since investing in 13 LOBO Systems. They can be configured to meet any access application from a NASA space shuttle to cleaning tapestries. It is put together without any tools and its unique, patented clamp provides a safe and secure working facility up to a maximum height of ten metres.

Steve Birmingham, Safestyle UK managing director, comments: “We are delighted with the LOBO system: the product gives us far greater flexibility when working at height and above all it has saved us money in the long term!”

“Prior to using LOBO we sub-contracted all our work to conventional scaffold firms with our spend spiralling into 100’s of thousands of pounds a year.”

The equipment is made in the EU and is available in kit forms or, to meet specific applications, LOBO engineers will design a bespoke system. The kit can be configured to meet any access application from the installation of windows to the maintenance of a space shuttle.

“Given the state of the global economy, reducing capital and operational spending has become a priority for many companies,” highlighted Robert Bokros, LOBO Systems’ managing director. “Like Safestyle UK, many of the companies we have worked with have experienced their conventional scaffolding spend running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Add to that the cost of paying a daily hire charge once the installed equipment is on site and the cost benefits of LOBO are easy to appreciate.”