LOBO Systems training and compliancy

There are many types of scaffolding and the word can be used to describe a wide variety of systems. 

These range from heavy duty construction oriented tube and clamp, which can go up to any height around a sky scraper if necessary, to light weight aluminium towers that one can purchase from a DIY store for modest amounts of money.

LOBO Systems Ltd uses this word to describe their product, but further qualification is stated in the product catalogue, to define its intended use and applications.

It is the intended and stated use of a product that defines the classification and ultimately compliancy standard, including the training and associated safety procedures.

The LOBO Advanced Platform System is a modular product, assembled without the need for any tools. It has been designed and developed by LOBO Systems Ltd. Importantly the intended use is  “an industrial maintenance tool that can easily be customised to industrial requirements to provide a bespoke system.” 

We have also determined that the system is a portable and mobile scaffold tower system, which means that BS EN1004 is the most appropriate standard to comply to. 

Historically this was BS1139 Part 4 for which the system has a test certificate, albeit a number of years ago, but the product remains technically the same and the standard changed very little when it was renamed to be European wide.

When this BS standard was harmonised with the EU, it became BS EN1004 in 2004 and we ensured the LOBO System was compliant. Since then the 2005 Working at Height regulations have come into force.

EN1004 or BS EN1004:2004 is the European product standard for mobile access towers (scaffold towers). Towers which conform to this standard must meet minimum safety requirements. 

BS EN 1004 looks at the design of mobile scaffolds and tower scaffolds made of prefabricated parts. This standard includes practical guidelines that should be followed to choose the main dimensions and stabilising methods. It also discusses safety and performance requirements and shares additional information on complete towers.

BS EN 1004 also covers various topics to ensure occupational safety. The standard looks at the classification and designation of scaffolding components and materials, and outlines the requirements for structural designs. Other topics include marking, tests and assessments and it is a European Standard. 

The LOBO design includes a patented clamp which presets the load bearing tube position, thereby significantly reducing the skill required to assemble it. 

As there is no other system which can utilise these patented clamps, no other training course, other than an authorised LOBO training course, is appropriate or required.

On that basis we are guided by the training required for other systems which also comply with the BS EN 2004 standard, IE Aluminium Towers.

From a UK prospective PASMA was an alternative training provider for products which complied with the standard, however we determined that while this was a suitable course for aluminium tower systems, it wasn’t appropriate for the LOBO System.

LOBO Systems Ltd has developed a unique and tailored course for its customers which has been updated many times over the years to keep in line with changes in safety and best practices. At each sale we highly recommend our training course and also ongoing refresher training every two years to ensure safety standards are optimised and any new products are included. LOBO competency cards are only issued to LOBO Systems trained personnel who successfully complete the end of course competency assessment exam.

Under certain circumstances LOBO offers a Train the Trainer course to qualified or experienced instructors. This allows large organisations to make their own training arrangements and benefit from internal resources.

Tube and clip, or traditional, scaffolding is a heavy weight product where extensive training is required. The LOBO System has a portable and mobile deign and uses welded in position clamps, effectively removing the need for this extensive training.



The LOBO System training should be treated in the same way as the compliancy training for an aluminium tower system.

The LOBO training course creates a proven safe method of erection and the Train the Trainer course provides customers with an independent way of offering their own tailor made courses, meeting different requirements, as each country has a unique way of dealing with scaffolding requirements.

The LOBO training test assesses the knowledge gained on the course and there is a record of failing delegates if they do not meet the required standard. On this basis the LOBO System has an excellent track record of minimising accidents.

In the UK, USA, Canada and Australia the LOBO Systems training course has been specifically designed and developed to give a more appropriate training for the product, than any other training program.

No other training is required and we have been successfully selling and training for 15 years.

Our customer base is vast and our training and compliances have been accepted in the UK, France, Spain, USA Canada, UAE and Australia.

Here is a list of companies, in these countries,  who have all received and accepted the LOBO training course as meeting health and safety requirements and adhering or surpassing to current legislation requirements; enabling them to inspect, safely assemble and use the LOBO system:


Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Rolls Royce, GE Aviation, Nestle, General Dynamics, Anheuser Busch, GKN, Iron Ore Company of Canada ( Rio Tinto), Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Heinz, Kellogg’s, London Underground, British Airways & Bombardier, Wal-Mart and Marks & Spencer. 

This list is a fragment of the full LOBO Systems customer base

LOBO Systems can offer tailored training to resolve variations in applications and local usage to meet specific requirements.