The LOBO System can be assembled onto any escalator or staircase.

The LOBO system can be configured to create a cantilever at any height.

The complete LOBO system

The LOBO System can be erected inside or outside the work.

The LOBO System Slider Beams can be fully integrated.

The LOBO System can be adapted to suit any helicopter or aircraft.

The LOBO System can be reconfigured to provide garage & flat roof edge protection.

The LOBO System is modular and can be assembled in awkward access areas.

The LOBO System is scalable to any size or shape

The LOBO System can be assembled to suit any aircraft.

Introducing the LOBO System

The flexible and safe alternative to platforms and scaffolding that anyone can assemble and use

Most businesses are likely to require platforms and scaffolding at some stage. However, if you’re hiring this equipment on a regular basis, it will soon become a significant annual expense. Furthermore, such equipment usually requires specialist help to assemble, particularly if customised designs are needed for one-off projects.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative…

The LOBO System – combining the flexibility of scaffolding with the strength of aluminium systems.

The LOBO System is an industrial maintenance tool which can easily be tailored to individual requirements to provide a bespoke work platform.

The LOBO System is a unique modular system, based around a patented clamping design, which absolutely anyone can use to assemble custom platforms with absolutely no need for specialised training or tools, thus eliminating the need to hire outside help for every new task or project.

The system can be assembled into virtually any configuration in a matter of minutes and is easily transported by flat-pack or crate.

This results in a dramatic increase in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety, as the following leading companies have already discovered:

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Please explore the site to find out more about the LOBO System and the different ways leading companies are already using it to reduce labour costs, improve health and safety and increase productivity, and feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions.


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Work Platform System

Work Platform System

The LOBO System is a radical new concept in access equipment.

Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

LOBO Lifting Slider Beam equipment provides an easy to attach lifting solution.

Hop Up Platform

Hop Up Platform

Introducing the latest product in The LOBO Work Platform System Range



The three Towerstores provide an easy, convenient and safe way of auditing, storing & transporting your LOBO System components.

Tool Tray

Tool Tray

The LOBO Tool Tray is a portable tool shelf which can be attached anywhere on the LOBO System or Hop Up.

Ladder Guard

Ladder Guard

The LOBO Ladder Guard has been designed specifically to prevent unauthorised access to your LOBO Advanced Platform System and to keep within Health and Safety regulations.

The LOBO Gate

The LOBO Gate

The LOBO Gate is a brand new product from LOBO Systems that adds safety to your existing LOBO Tower System.



LOBO Report on Training

Prepared by Chris Barrett

LOBO launches over desk configuration

LOBO launches over desk configuration

LOBO Advanced Platform configures an over the desk solution